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Holiday experiences in Bornholm




Bornholm is a beautiful holiday Island that lies in the Baltic Sea south of the coast of southern Sweden. There are approximately 40,000 inhabitants. The principal industries are tourism, agriculture, and related industries. Bornholm has four ferry routes with connections to Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland.

The isle has a circumference of 141 km (88 miles), there is a good road network and plenty cycle tracks. Many of the cycle tracks are built on the old railway network. The beautiful bicycle routes of Bornholm will lead you all around the island. There is an established network of 230 km bicycle tracks spread around the island. Today, Bornholm has one of the best and most spectacularly situated networks of cycle tracks of northern Europe, leading you through the gorgeous nature and the picturesque small villages along the coast. Bornholm also offers special areas for mountain biking. These areas are found in Rønne and Allinge.

The nature of Bornholm has nearly all types of landscapes. On northern Bornholm, you get rocky hills, and on southern Bornholm, there are beautiful white sandy beaches. There is also heather, forests, rift valleys and areas with lakes and swamps. Bornholm is even an Eldorado for anglers with great opportunities for fishing for sea trout from the rocky coasts and pike in the many lakes.

The island’s placement in relation to Sweden makes for less rain and more sunshine hours compared to the rest of Denmark. For this reason, Bornholm is known as the Sunshine Island.

There are experiences, sights and pleasant places for every taste on this lovely island. Here are a few links highlighting the possibilities for a brilliant holiday with great experiences.


The Bornholm tower

The butterfly Park

The bison in Almindingen

The Bornholm trotting course


Bird of prey show


Cruise from Hammerhavn

Cruise from Gudhjem with the boat Thor

Horseback riding

The aerial ropeway by Opalsøen

High Park


Museum of Defence in Rønne

The Bornholm technical collection

The Bornholm automobile museum


The Bornholm art gallery

Hjort’s ceramic factory and museum